Needs & Requirements:

With an ever increasing need for security in the restaurant industry, Ray’s Restaurants was searching for a security solution that would increase operational efficiency by quick and seamless incident review, lengthy recording review time (90 days), as well as detecting potential liability concerns like slip and fall incidents, lawsuits, or employee harassment situations. Ray’s Restaurants was specifically looking for a solution that could handle all of the above at the same time, across multiple locations.

Why Alibi Cloud VS Won:

ACVS was able to secure Ray’s Restaurants as a customer by offering an all-in-one security solution, letting leadership review incidents across multiple locations, at the same time letting managers understand where they may be lacking operationally and fighting against potential liability concerns. Currently, ACVS is installed in 3 locations, with over 100 locations installed. 

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Alibi Cloud VS camera-to-cloud video surveillance solutions are ideal for multi-site projects and can easily support larger camera count installations, such as storage facilities, restaurants, retail sites, and more!

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